How to Setup Facebook Targeting

Facebook just added the ability to target the people who see your updates. This is for Fan Pages only. While we don’t know if this will help more people see your Facebook posts, it is one more tool you can use. It also appears that Facebook targeting is free to use so it doesn’t hurt to them out.

How to Setup Facebook Targeting

1. Click in the Status box where you would normally type your update and type the update or upload the photo or video you plan on sending out to your fans.

2. Click on the target icon near the bottom of the status box.

How to Use Facebook Targeted Updates

3. Click Add Targeting.

You have Gender, relationship status, educational status, interested in, age, location, and laugage targeting options. Facebook is getting this information from the coordinating fields in the Info section a person fills out. If they don’t fill out any of this information they won’t get your targeted update.

How to Use Facebook Targeted Updates

For our demonstration we picked gender, age, and language.

How to Use Facebook Targeted Updates

4. Click on Gender from the Targeting option list. Click either male or female.

These targeting option are self explanatory and easy to figure out. If you choose Target by Language you are given a box where you can type the name of the language. You can type more if you want more than one.

Now you can either schedule your Facebook post to go live at a different time, Promote your Facebook update or post it immediately.


  1. This is super well laid out and very clear. Nice Tutorial!

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