How to Setup Your Default Email Program

Question: I cannot send links I find through email. When I find a link I want to share I right-click on the link and but Send Link is grayed out.

Answer: It is most likely that you haven’t setup your default email program. You will need to change this in your browser menu.

Firefox: click the Tools menu, Option, then Applications, and then click mailto. You can have it Always Ask you or pick the Email client you want to use all of the time from the drop-down menu.

set default email program firefox

Internet Explorer: click the Tools menu and then Internet Options. Click the Programs tab and then click Set Programs. Windows 7 Control Panel will open. Click Set Your Default Programs. Choose the email client you want to use and then set it as the default. If you are using an email program online such as Google or Yahoo you will need to download the toolbar for it to show up in this window. Otherwise setting it up this way will only work for Firefox.

There is no setting in Chrome to set the default email program at the time of this post.

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