How to Make Your Blog Mobile Device Friendly

Nowadays readers want to be able to view your blog on their mobile device. As a matter of fact, 15-25% of blog traffic comes from mobile devices and it is only going to grow as mobile devices become more affordable and popular. Whether it is a Smartphone with a small screen or an iPad with a large screen, your blog should be able to be read easily and without plugin or flash issues. If you are trying to make money with your blog using ads you will also want to make sure those can easily come up if the viewer is visiting your site.

One way to ensure that your blog can be seen by mobile devices is to install a plugin called WP-Touch. This awesome WordPress plugin can tell the difference between a visitors browsing from a Tablet, Smartphone or Desktop computer.

How to Make Your Blog Mobile Device Friendly

How to Install WP-Touch

1. Click Add New under Plugins on the left navigation bar in the WordPress Admin area.

2. Search for WP-Touch.

3. Click Install Now and click Activate.

How to Use WP-Touch

Click WPtouch from the left navigation once you installed it to view all of the settings available. There is really nothing you have to do but install WP-Touch but you might want to change the language, landing page, site title, exclude certain pages, add a custom Footer message and more.

You can even add your Google AdSense ID to support mobile advertising in WPtouch posts and embed Google Analytics stats.

WP-Touch is a great plugin to install that will make your WordPress blog mobile ready.

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