Show Facebook Posts In The Order They Are Written

If you’re like a lot of people you liked the way Facebook used to look, with recent updates from the people you follow showing first. The way Facebook changed the setup made it so you often missed the updates you wanted to see.

By choosing Recent Stories you will be able to see posts in your Facebook stream in the order they were posted on your wall not by their popularity which is what “Highlighted Stories First” will show you.

You can choose to show “Highlighted Stories First” or “Recent Stories First”

Recent Stories First: Stories will appear in the order they were posted. Highlighted stories will be marked with a blue corner.

Highlighted Stories First: Highlighted stories you haven’t seen yet will appear at the top of your News Feed. (If you don’t see highlighted stories, it’s because there aren’t any new highlighted stories since your last visit.)

How to Show Recent Stories First:

1. Visit

2. Look for the SORT link at the top of the page.

Note: If you don’t see the SORT link make sure you are on and not your profile page. Then look for the top section: Update Status, Add Photo/Video, and Ask Question. The SORT link is just below and to the right of Ask Question

sort facebook newsfeed stories

3. Click the down arrow next to the word and click on Recent Stories First.

By choosing Recent Stories you will be able to see posts in your Facebook stream in the order they originally posted on your wall.

How to Show Facebook Fan Pages in your Newsfeed

If you aren’t seeing the updates from your favorite Fan Page try this

1. When you see a Fan Page update in your Newsfeed hover over a recent post.

3. Click the drop-down arrow to the right of the title.

4. Click Highlight this story.

Now, more stories from that particular Fan page will show in your Facebook Newsfeed.

how to see facebook fan pages newsfeed

Have you found another way to make sure all of your Facebook stories are showing in your Newsfeed? Have you found another way to make sure all of your Facebook fan pages are showing? Let me know and I will include it in my post.

From Yahoo News:

Don’t worry if you can’t see this option yet — it’ll be available to you as it rolls out to more accounts in the coming weeks. If the revamped news feed is merely one of your Facebook woes, however, you can try third-party fixes to address your other grievances such as the Chrome extension that nullifies the equally-disliked Ticker and even the Timeline.


  1. Annmarie W. says:

    Am glad they did this. However, it unfortunately STILL does not include everything that falls under the “ticker”…in other words, we’re still just getting the updates that FB thinks we want to see…instead of a chronological listing of EVERYTHING that’s posted from friends & walls we’ve liked. That’s the FB that I miss…the one where I saw ALL the posts!

    • The Computer Lady says:

      How do you know you aren’t getting them all

      • sande kasiorek-sawyers says:

        If you look at the ticker you can see you are still missing many Computer Lady.. Also, you have to reset this to recent every time you come to facebook. Iwish it would just stay the way you have it set… not keep going back to what they want it set to.

        • The Computer Lady says:

          I added another step. Come back to the post and see another thing you can do to make sure you see Fan page updates.

  2. Awesomesauce Wendy! Thank you – I switched my personal setting and shared on my FB wall and stumbled it 🙂

  3. Nancy B from Many LA says:

    agreed, it’s better, but it’s not showing everything that comes through. if you look at the ticker, you can see everything you’re not seeing on the feed. why do they have to do this? it’s so aggravating!

  4. Tracie Vandermeulen says:

    This isn’t working : (

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