Top 5 Tech Trends to Watch this Coming Year

The landscape of technology is ever evolving. The new century ushered in the era mobile technology the likes of which was previously unknown to society. And technology has been improving at an exponential rate ever since. Take tablets for example. Five years ago the idea of a mobile tablet was hardly a blip on the radar screen, these days the device is ubiquitous.

These rapid changes can make staying abreast of new tech trends a difficult task. But it’s just this healthy innovation that has resulted in the tech world being as exciting as it is at the moment. Part of the fun is predicting how our current tech products will evolve as well as the new items that are on the horizon.

So with that in mind here are some tech trends to look out for in the upcoming year.


It may be a bold prediction, but 2013 could just be the year that TV becomes fully integrated. Of course for this to occur major changes in business must happen as well – namely Tivo being bought by global giants Microsoft or Google. Should this be the case then look for TV to finally become an “all in one” box allowing users to download online content via a single interface. Even if Tivo doesn’t evolve, the much-anticipated release of Apple iTV will serve a similar purpose – if it is indeed released in 2013, that is.


Those who are used to looking at mobile tablets as luxury items priced in the hundreds of dollars are in for a big surprise in 2013. Look for tablet prices to drop significantly. Over time — and as variety increases — tablets will hit bargain basement prices $30 or even $20. They will be so widely available that the trend will likely be that more people forgo smartphones altogether in favor of tablets.


The writing has been on the wall for some time, but 2013 will likely be the year where consumers are able to purchase items or services with using their phones. This will have a lot to do with merchant and consumer services such as PayPal and Square expand in the upcoming year.


There’s no need to constantly check text messages on a smartphone when that same technology can be placed on watch face or necklace pendant. In 2013 expect to see more and more people walking around with mobile technology integrated into various fashion accessories.


It’s isn’t exactly new news that more and more companies are making the switch to cloud-based data services. What’s interesting is how companies will involve in 2013 as more and more corporations move to this standard. Giant companies with thousands of employees will no longer require entire departments, such as IT. Cloud-based labor pools will be able to handle other aspects of the business, such as lead generation. Not only will this add efficiency, but it will free up company employees to address only concrete opportunities.

These are just a few things to expect on the tech landscape in 2013. If the recent past is any example, not only can we plan on many of these predictions to become reality, but there are likely more than a few surprises on the horizon as well.

Gregg Rusley currently works for CMI Promotions as a digital content developer. His area of specialization include in finding creative ways to meet marketing or recognition goals with personalized merchandise.

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