How to Send Large Files for Free

Sometimes you have large files to send to someone and your email program has a file limit and won’t let you so how do you send them? There are several free sites that act as a go-between and allow you to upload the file.  The take care of storing and then notifying the recipient that a file is waiting for them. One of them is

How to Use Send Space

Send Space is a free site that allows you to send large files. To use Send Space do this:

1. visit

2. Click the Browse button and upload your file. Then type the recipient’s email address and your email address.

3. Click Upload.

How to send large files for free

A neat feature that has is the ability to drag and drop a file.

To do it you must have the browser window side by side with a window on your computer where the file is located. Click the file and drag it into the Send Space window and it will appear, ready to upload. While this is a nice feature it might be easier for most people to just click the Browse button.

drag and drop files

4. Wait while your file uploads to the Send Space site.

They are actually storing it for you so it needs to be uploaded to their server. If it is a large file it make take a little while. This 24 MB file in my test took approximately 20 minutes to upload.

how to send large files

5. When your file has completely uploaded you will see the Upload Complete screen.

An email will automatically be sent to your recipient giving them a link where they can go on the site to download the file.

You will see the link you can share with them in case they don’t get the email or if you want to share the file with someone else and you forgot to add their email address on the first screen.

You can also delete the link. Click it and it will remove the file permanently from the Send Space site.

how to send large files for free

Another free site you may want to try is


  1. Manish M. Shah says:

    Another favorite option is File Apartment ( Easy to use, no software to download or registration, up to 1 GB, safe, and secure.

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