How to Create a Google+ Fan Page Vanity URL

I recently showed you how to create a Google+ Fan Page. Google+ gives you a number at the end of your URL and it doesn’t look very professional. Unlike Facebook Fan Pages that allow you to create vanity name.

Until Google+ comes out with a permanent way to create a vanity URL for your Google+ Fan page here is another way we found to create one.

Visit and give your page a vanity name and then type in your Google+ ID number. Click Add and will create a Vanity URL you can share. is kind of like using in that it just masks the original URL and gives you a shortened version of it. The difference with from other sites that shorten URLs is that it is a good way to give your Google+ Fan page a vanity URL because it allows you to type in what you want it to look like.

Look at the local Connecticut Google + page I run.

Now my Google+ Fan Page URL looks like instead of

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