The CT Winners Sweepstakes club list is for Connecticut residents only.  Anyone interested in joining must:

1. Live in Connecticut.
2. Send an email to [email protected] with first and last name,
  city, how you found out about the club, and why you want to join.
3. Read the rules below and agree.
4. Be voted in based on #2 by the current membership.


Active participation is a must if you are a member of the CT Winners Yahoogroups list.  This group does not accept "lurkers."  Participation can be in the form of: submitting sweepstakes or contests to the group; encouraging another member; offering to pick up, deliver, or find local entry forms; sharing your own wins, or just general conversation.  We are not asking that you post everyday or even every week.  However, you must post at least once a month to remain an active member (doesn't mean just to say hi). Sweepstakes is a hobby and we all have busy lives.   Although we respect that, we just want you to know that some form of ongoing, active participation is required to join this group.  Random surveys are held throughout the year to make sure members are active and still want to stay on the list.

Note:  After reading the first requirement, if you find this is not the group for you, we suggest these other fine online sweepstakes groups: Win-OnTheWeb, ContestTracker, or SweepTheNet.  All of these groups may be found by going to http://groups.yahoo.com/ and typing sweepstakes in the search box.


Only contests and sweepstakes from the local Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, surrounding states, and any New England state should be shared on this list. No national contests or sweepstakes should be shared as these are plentiful both on the Internet and in hard copy sweepstakes newsletters. The exception to this rule is that if a national contest/sweepstakes is found that could benefit our club specifically (example: only gives tickets to something in our area but does not include travel/hotel accommodations and therefore would not be of interest to someone outside of this area). Just use your discretion. You will not be "banned" from the group for trying to put in your "two cents worth."  This point is just being made because we don't want so many messages being posted that members can't find the time to enter the locals which have more potential for a win.


Do not share what you learn from this group outside of the group. This includes contests, sweepstakes, and trivia answers. This list is as much a part of the CT Winners club as the monthly meetings. Club members spend their time researching contests, sweepstakes, and answers to trivia. Sharing what you "hear" with other clubs, sweepstakes newsletters both on and offline, or individuals outside of the group is inappropriate. We all agreed that this should be a hard and fast rule. If someone is found to be sharing information outside of the group they will be warned and if the behavior continues they will be unsubscribed from the group.

Other List Suggestions/Courtesies:

When posting a link to an online contest or sweepstakes please make sure the link actually works. Make sure you have tested the link so that you know it works. Also, include some details about the contest or sweepstakes such as age requirements, how many times you can enter, when it ends, etc. Including a link to the rules page would also be helpful.

Common Courtesy: When replying to a post about an online sweepstakes make sure to copy and paste the original link.  This way members reading your message do not have to search back through the entire list of messages to find the original message that contains the link.

Search on the Yahoogroups page to see if that sweepstakes has been submitted first before you submit it.  I know that this takes a little more time but is another way of being courteous to your fellow members.  To start a search go to http://groups.yahoo.com/group/ctwinners/messages, click in the blank text box next to the Search Archive button, type in a keyword that might help you find the sweepstakes, click the Search Archive button.  This search is also good for finding messages written by a specific person.

Conversation/banter/and just plain fun is encouraged. Our club is all about relationships. While it is fun to enter and win sweepstakes and contests, nothing can compare to having friends to share it all with. When I win I'm happy. When you win I'm ecstatic.  When we all win, well, that is the meaning of this group's existence.

Remember the golden rule:  "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you."  Basically, think about how your actions, conversation, lack of posting a link, etc. will affect the person who reads your message.

Created by Wendy S. Limauge | Copyright 1996-2006 | All Rights Reserved. | Email question or comments